JULJA is a Finnish womenswear label designed by Nora Peltoniemi. The company was founded in 2012 by three students from Turku, Finland. However, their journey together began way before JULJA.

Nora, whose lifelong dream was to become a fashion designer and entrepreneur, had an idea of a feminine and playful ready-to-wear collection for women. In the Fall of 2012 three friends, Inka, Nora and Johanna participated in JA-YE Startup Programme representing different Universities of Applied Sciences. Inka and Johanna knew Nora’s skills and concurred to develop the business idea. They completed each other’s skills so the combination for JULJA was ready.

JULJA clothing is flattering, flirtatious and easy to wear. The clothes are made in a way that fits and compliments different body types through its cuts and colors. JULJA woman is outgoing, strong, independent, loves her body and is not afraid to show it. Designer Nora Peltoniemi’s designs are a reflection of her passion for fashion and aspiration for creating new trends. JULJA’s first ready-to-wear collection for Fall/Winter 2013 came out in the spring of 2013. 

Meet the founders

Nora Peltoniemi


“Nora is the crazy designer behind JULJA clothing. She’s full of ideas waiting for execution. When we were young, we always talked about me being your agent when you’re a famous designer. That plan is coming true but now as business partners.” – Inka, CEO.

“Nora is full of crazy ideas, and we are always excited and ready to out them into action. Nora also loves hamburgers. She always whines “I’m hungry. I want a burger!” So when we’re on a business trip I always know what we'll be eating." – Johanna, Production manager.

Inka Kiuru

CEO & Marketing manager

“Inka is always on the go and carries calendar with her 24/7. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and decide myself what to do. But here I am, getting orders from Inka every second minute.” – Nora, Designer.

“I can’t understand how someone is able to update a blog, talk on the phone and drive a car at the same time. That’s our Inka! That's why her second name is multitasker!" – Johanna, Production manager.

Johanna Hakala

Production manager

“HUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH.. That’s the sigh you hear at least 20 times a day when working with Johanna. ;) She has a burning desire for shots!” – Nora, Designer.

“It’s admirable how she handles stress. She can be so calm even when everyone else is running around like headless chickens.“ – Inka, CEO


JULJA Second Hand is a carefully handpicked collection of second hand and vintage clothes with a little JULJA twist. Most of the clothes were made in Finland during 70’s-90’s .

We want to encourage people to become responsible consumers. We apreciate clothes and aim to make the life of a cloth as long as possible. With JULJA Second Hand we can continuously give you something new to shop, without loading the environment.

JULJA Second Hand - Making second hand shopping cooler!